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Privacy Policy

In today’s world just because of technology advancement your information supposed to remain secure.

To give our customer a secure and protected environment we work hard. The policies which we follow to keep customers information secure.No paper policy on the floor so no pen and paper allowed.

No one is allowed to share their id and password with anyone and same practice applied for QuickBooks as well. And the same thing we advise our customers as well.

Because every user has their own login credentials they are not allowed to share.The admin can set policies and limitations for all fellow user.

Same way when we work on remote sessions we ask customers to close all their personal and professional emails accounts. Along with this, each and every session and actions gets the record on real time bases so nothing would go wrong with the customer’s information.

We respect privacy and keep always this in mind. Because in  accounting and bookkeeping business data is more important than anything else.We do not allow anyone or authorizes  to change or destroy and customer related information. And we don’t share information with any third party for any kind of promotional activities.We might store a small cookie on your browser just for the time being while you are on our website.

Payment related information only gets shared with merchants only as per the customer authorization

Refund Policy

Customer satisfaction is our major priority because the customer is key to the success of each and every business. So we always keep that in mind so our plans and policies are also very consumer friendly.

If just because of any reason we are not able to fulfill your services level agreement on your services you have the complete right to ask for the refund. If just because of any reason we are not able to fix any issue or resolve the problem of the customer, he/she will not charged for the transaction. Without the authorization, no payment would be charged on any account. If payment credentials did not matched as per account standard procedure, you will be required to change the information through proper documentation. So refund will be applied according to bank standards.

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