How to create an Invoice for an estimate in QuickBooks Pro, Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise

How to create invoice for Estimate in QuickBooks

If you are on your QuickBooks Home screen look at the customer menu Estimate is the very first Icon

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If you don’t have estimate icon on main menu may be at the time of set up you mention you don’t require estimates. You can always turn it on and off by going into preferences. You can see in above picture Purchase orders and Estimates in same line because they considered to be non posted. For an instance if you create an estimate and customer never asked you to work that would not effect your books. you supposed to run specific estimate report to see like to be able to work with. To create an estimate click on estimate icon.

QuickBooks payroll estimate screen

Few things you need to notice at this screen first thing it will ask you to enter customer name and job. Now lets imagine you want to create estimate for a specific customer so you can just start typing the name it will automatically fill the complete name or else you can choose from drop down.

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From this screen you can choose your customer or if you are going to user Job feature so through out user the same feature. But if you don’t use it during any report what will happen when you run report it will show you a category call other and you may get confuse. So our advise is just use it consistence. This step you follow if you already have your customer in list.

Let just say if you don’t have customer added in the list and you want to send estimate to a new customer. In this case you don’t require to go thorough all customer set up steps again you can directly set up that customer from this estimate window. All you have to do just put the customer name on this screen and with the help on : you can put job as well which you never set up for this customer.

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Now whats gonna happen if you hit Enter or Tab key to leave the field QuickBooks will ask you to set up that customer and job in the list since its not available in the list.

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Always keep one thing in mind you cannot add customer and job together in the list first enter customer then job.

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Next option on this screen is the class option which allow to break down your company into smaller sections if you need to. And if you have multiple location this list might indicate other location as well you can choose the one you want. same thing if you want to use classes use it consistently to keep your reports accurate.

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Another field on this screen is templates you can choose from the list which one you want to use. Next thing is date which will automatically open present date or you can choose which date you want to use and also the estimate number. There are lots of things in QuickBooks which as number like checks, invoices and estimates since you are sending this estimate to new customer you can put what ever number you want to give to this estimate because when you are going to create next estimate it will automatically be added in sequence.



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