How to create estimate budget report in QuickBooks online

Benefits to creating Budget report in QuickBooks

  • Helps customer to decide whether they want to purchase goods and services
  • They can server written approval to start a job
  • With the click of button you create invoice out of your estimated budget
  • You can run this report in QuickBooks that will help you determine the actual cost

Few things always keep in mind when you create estimates in QuickBooks

  • Estimates are not required transaction for sales and income
  • No money change inside your actual financial statement because you just creating estimates

For just for learing purposes we are going to use a fictional company for this article

To begin with Estimates please follow these steps :

QuickBooks Estimate report

  • To start with this report please click on Plus symbol at the top, As it’s shown in this Image.

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  • Once you follow this first step this page will open and you can select estimate in the list.

How to run estimate report in QuickBooks

  • This is estimate page which you need to open

QuickBooks Help

  • First thing you need Enter Select the customer you want to send estimates

QuickBooks tech support

  • If you haven’t set up customer  yet by just clicking on drop down you can select which ever customer you want to send this report.

QuickBooks Customer Service

  • You fill all the information pre-filled including customer email, or if you want to add new customer you can also do that. All this information including billing address will automatically populate on this page. Even if you want to make any change on email you can do that.And that information will be updated in customer record automatically.If you haven’t enter billing address in customer profile you won’t get this address on this screen.And you can also enter billing address directly in this field which will not automatically be updated in customer records. You have to enter this manually. The estimate date define from the date you are creating estimate. By default you will get present date but you can change accordingly. The expiration date will be helpful if you are providing prices for certain period of time.

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  • After filling all that information next step is to provide products and information that you sending estimates for. So you can click the drop down list to select the products.

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  • If you havn’t set up products yet you can also set up information as well. Once you fill up all that information you can preview this estimate as well before sending it to customer.

If you have any issue or Question you can always call out QuickBooks Support phone number


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