Crashing of QuickBooks mac 2012

QuickBooks for mac 2012 keeps crashing


There is a problem with the windows being crashed and not responding, when you attempt QuickBooks to start on your desktop, an error occurs along with the message showing that the program has frozen and not opening, there might be a reason for QuickBooks for mac 2012 keep crashing or there might be a possibility of no error being shown at all, listed down are many solutions and reasons for the QuickBooks of mac 2012 keeps crashing:

  • One of the main reason could be the name of the company might be too long
  • A file is either missed or corrupted
  • The hard drive of the computer might be corrupted or damaged
  • The installation of QuickBooks or files are not installed properly and damaged
  • The operating system of windows might be damaged


There are several solutions which can fix the above-mentioned errors

  1. The tool of diagnostic of QuickBooks
  • Install the diagnostic tool for QuickBooks
  • Save it to the desktop local system after being finished
  • Close or cancel all the programs running in the background and start QuickBooks tool
  • There might be a possibility of taking more than 10 minutes which depends on the connectivity of the internet
  • After being updated re-open the system and try again for the assurance
  1. All the firewalls and anti-virus program should be closed temporarily and rebooting the system
  • Your computer should reboot
  • The file in the desktop of QuickBooks should be opened
  • Take the help of IT professionals on disabling your anti-virus temporary, reach to anti-virus system and try it on your by closing it for a while
  1. The file named QBWUSER should be renamed
  • The file which is shown as the name of QBWUSER should be renamed
  • All the previous files of the company will be closed and disabled, so the user should manually open all of the files of the company
  • Go to the user and open QBWUSER named the folder where it is saved, if it is crashing and unable to open, try to enable all the hidden folders and files in the system
  • The file of QBWUSER, rename it again by right-clicking on it
  • Select the file and insert old at the ending name of the file
  • The Entitlementdatastore name should be given
  • If it still doesn’t open or both files are showing, try to open the sample file of the company
  • The file of sample company is opened, then it won’t be a problem for the company file being open again, and if it is not opening it means the permission is not granted for the folder
  • If it still doesn’t open it means that damage is caused to company’s file and a backup file should be used instead.
  • by chance of the QuickBooks not opening as well as the sample file of the company, it means that the QuickBooks when being installed faced some damages and corruption

QuickBooks mac technical support

If you follow up these steps you won’t be needing any help from professionals.

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