Check Printing setup in QuickBooks

Steps on How to change check printing in QuickBooks

This proper guide will lead you to the first time printing your checks on the forms which are already printed; it is better to understand few areas where you have to fill your information so that you can understand how to change check printing in QuickBooks. It is easy if followed properly, and these simple steps will lead you to a proper check printing procedure, and you can understand how to change check printing in QuickBooks as well as print it aligned


Start with a selection of any type you want by printing a sample first.

  1. Select transaction in the navigation bar and clicking expenses.
  2. Select the tab print checks
  3. In the window, you will be able to navigate print setup at the bottom of the page
  4. There with an option of selecting a print type of check, if only one option is available to select it means you will only have the single option available from your country. You can select voucher or standard one in QuickBooks to inform what kind of checks you have and how to change check printing in QuickBooks.
  5. Try to print on blank paper so that you don’t waste any checks, and then fill the printer with your actual check papers
  6. Always check a preview and view the sample of print, click print from the window of the preview. if you have a different web browser, you can select the print icon floating anywhere near the top of your screen
  7. The best option to do is to align both of the checks together, the sample which you printed and the blank check to see if it is entered in the correct given area.

Adobe reader helps in alignment.

  1. Download adobe reader to align all the information together and have a grip and line up information on where you want to print.
  2. PDF viewer should be default in the browser if you use the reader
  3. After Setting the default PDF, and readjusting information on how to change check printing in QuickBooks, you can follow the above-mentioned
  4. And then print sample again and re-adjust by lining up the correct information again by placing on blank check and sample

The final step in alignment

  1. make sure to re-check and align the gird in the option of page fine-tune alignment and set it up with the square of grids and preview
  2. Adjust the alignment in QuickBooks by dragging the information accordingly to fix in the given boxes, check horizontally and vertically on where it fixes. You have to make sure to strain inside squares which you can see larger and insert all the information within the large squares.
  3. Repeat the same step and print the again a sample check and align it with a blank check to see how it fits in the given area, put both checks together to and see through the light to see if the information and line are on the point.
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