You can write cheques with unscheduled Payroll

How to create cheque in unscheduled payroll:

  • Open QuickBooks and go to payroll
  • Go to Unscheduled payroll and enter the amount
  • If you haven’t setup yest then go to employees option
  • Click on pay employees
  • Next click on Unscheduled payroll

If you don’t have payroll in inactive stage, This is applicable for new users.

If you don’t see above listed options then may be your payroll is not active.To activate payroll click on payroll help option and then click on QuickBooks wants to run payroll manually.

After this you can add as many employees you want and pay freely.Just before you put in any information or make any kind of changes on to your QuickBooks Always verify your QuickBooks Data, To do that follow these steps:

  • Click on file
  • Go to unities
  • You will see multiple options please choose verify data.I

If you have any issue on your QuickBooks call Intuit Payroll support at 1800 470 6903

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