QuickBooks Crashing After Getting Windows Update of FEB/2018

QuickBooks 2017 & 2018 has stopped working after getting a windows update of 2/23/18



QuickBooks is a software that is used by every business owner and retailer these days and  it is been recorded that most of the users using QuickBooks on windows are having issue opening the windows after February 2018 ,this error has been occurring only for windows user and users get confused that before it was working properly and now it has stopped working .


Most of the QB users have noticed that after installing windows update of 23rd February 2018  the QuickBooks has stopped work and even after restarting the computer the problem persists


The windows update – KB4074805 & KB4073701 which update your  windows .NET Framework which is a Framework class library which provides language interoperability and programs written in .NET Framework  execute in a software environment ,an application virtual machine that provides services such as security, memory management and exception handling.


Some of the users said that there were 19 of total updates where 4 were the important one and rest were optional  and after getting those updates on QB the software has stopped working


This is due to .Net framework that gets updated with the those updates and it won’t let your QuickBooks to start and will keep crashing.  As QuickBooks does not support the new update of .NET Framework .

In order to resolve this issue with QuickBooks you have to rollback your windows update to be able to work again properly.


Here is the method to tool back your Updates:-

  1. Open Control Panel in your computer on which you are having issues with QuickBooks .
  1. Now from the control panel Find and open Windows Update Option.
  1. Then you need to click on an option which says Installed Updates , which you will find at the bottom left panel
  1. Now you will be able to see list of updates been done to your computer, and most recent ones at the top.
  1. Look through the list of updates and find update KB4074805 or KB4073701.
  1. After you find both of these updates just right click on them and select uninstall .
  1. And now just follow uninstallation instructions you will get displayed on your screen.
  1. After the updates has been uninstalled you need to restart your computer.
  1. after uninstallation the QuickBooks will work properly just make sure that automatic updated on you windows are kept off.



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