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How To Upgrade To QuickBooks Point Of Sale 2018


QuickBooks is backing up small Retailers  around the world so we can keep our retailers happy and make their life easy .

QuickBooks has always been a revolutionary product  for each and every user of QuickBooks no matter how big or small your business is  we are here to assist you.

The latest version of QuickBooks Point of sale is 2018 and it is  necessary to always be updated in order to work smoother and faster with less errors that we suffer in older versions of QuickBooks.


Now the question arises, How to update  QuickBooks POS to latest version ?


Here are the answers to, How you can update to Latest Version of QuickBooks.


First of   all you need to know that who can update to POS 18.

Everyone using the older Version of QuickBooks POS  for e.g- Version 2010 ,2011 ,2012,2013,2014,2015,2016,2017 or any older Version that is not mentioned above  can update to the latest version of QuickBooks that is currently 2018 version.

To know which version of QuickBooks you are using , you can follow these steps and update if you are using a old version:-

How to know which version of QuickBook you are using


  1. First of all you need to open Help option on your QuickBooks. And select the option of About Point Of Sale
  2. When you open about POS a pop up box will appear with all of your POS information which may look like this:-


In case you want to upgrade to latest QuickBooks POS 18 then there are two options , you can set your automatic update option ON  or instead if  you want to keep automatic update off you can manually update to the latest release. How to use these two methods will be mentioned below in this post



If you want to upgrade to latest version of QuickBooks in order to work better and faster you may need to have some specification in your computer to run QuickBooks POS 2018.



Here are the system specification to be Matched:-


The operating system on which you can Run QB POS 2018 are:-

OS Requirement For QuickBooks Point Of Sale 2018


Hardware Requirement For POS 18 :-

QuickBooks Point Of Sale 2018

QuickBooks Point Of Sale 2018
QuickBooks Point Of Sale 2018

QuickBooks software compatibility:-

QuickBooks Point Of Sale 2018


Firewall & Anti-malware compatibility for QuickBooks POS

QuickBooks Point Of Sale 2018



To Update Automatically


  1. To turn on you QuickBooks POS automatic update you need to open Help Menu in your QuickBooks and from there you have to select the option of Software Updates, after that you just need to click on Check for Updates.
  2. After the check for update process is finished and it’s showing any available update you need to click on Update Now option and then press OK.
  3. When you press ok the process of update gets started, just let it finish and after it gets completed you need to EXIT QuickBooks and then restart your computer. And you are good to go with the update.
  4. To always get QuickBooks POS update automatically without you Checking for update Open Help Menu then go to Software Update and change Update preference and change it to auto .


To Update Manually-


  1. To manually update QuickBooks POS you need to download latest version of QuickBooks from this Web address:- https://downloads.quickbooks.com/app/qbdt/products
  2. When you open this web address from there jus select Product and Version of the product you need and simply hit search and download your product.
  3. After you have downloaded the latest version open and install in and when it gets installed restart your computer.


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