QuickBooks Error: Balance sheet Mismatch

Ways to fix QuickBooks Balance Sheet Entry mismatch




QuickBooks is a leading software in market of accounting softwares but you may face issues sometimes while using QuickBooks, This error is a common error which may occur.


This error is most commonly caused due to :-


  • Data file Damage in QuickBooks which causes balanced sheet to get mismatched


  • By entering or getting a link connected which is not compatible with the software


  • You may be using more than one currency which makes error


These are some of the basic reasons that cause mismatch in the balanced sheet, these errors can be repaired with some troubleshooting steps that meant to be followed, or you may contact our 24×7 customer support to help you out if you don’t get your issue resolved with methods listed below:-



Before attempting to follow the methods to resolve issue please check the following mistakes:-

  1. You need to test if the report is set to total by YEAR  if it is set to Back in balance and then check if you get you balanced sheet corrected
  2. The second thing to be done is you need  log out in your quickbooks and after you are logged out of the quickbooks you need to login back to your QuickBooks and check again that if your report is set to total by year and you need to change it to back in balance
  3. If this doesn’t work  you need to follow this link for further explanation:-



  • Its important for you to backup all your company files that you are using in QuickBooks to make sure that none of your company file is lost during the process of fixing error
  • In some of the cases where you are using your quickbooks in multi-user environment and have multiple computers as a host of QuickBooks , it causes data damage after fixing the error make sure that only one computer operates QuickBooks as a host computer to prevent future data damage
  • The error of balanced sheet data mismatch is due to data damage which can be resolved by fist method or there’s a easy way where our customer support can help you out with this error.


Here are some Troubleshooting steps that you need to follow in order to get you issue resolved:-


Solution I :- By using a basic data damage repair

STEP 1 :- By using a basic and simple Data damage  Fix


  1. You have to  the process of rebuilding data utility  for that you have to open QuickBooks Information Window and from there select OK option .  And now just follow the prompts in order to start the process.
  2. Sometimes while proceeding this process  you system may display that QuickBooks is not responding but as long as you can use you mouse pointer that means that the process is still undergoing and leave it as it is
  3. When process is completed just simply press OK


STEP 2 :- By Running Data Utility  verification after step 1


  1. Now you need to go to your file menu on QuickBooks and from there you need to select Utilities and then the next option you have to select is Verify Data
  2. After running this data verification process if the results are that your QuickBooks detected no data damage , it means that files are ok and you may proceed using your company files
  3. In case that verification process detects a data damage , the software will automatically transfer you to a window which say  Rebuilt now that you need to select close and contact the support for data recovery which will be available for you 24×7


Solution II :-By simply fixing those transaction which are the cause of balanced sheet mismatch


STEP 1 :-


  1. For this you need to open report menu in QuickBooks and from there you need to select the option  company and financial and then u need to open Balance sheet Summary
  2. After you have selected Balanced sheet summary you need to choose a option which says customise report
  3. Now just simply go to the Display tab and follow thee step:-


 -Change the report basis setting  either on cash or in accrual mode   whichever you think is out of your balanced sheet.

-Now select the year  and week and day on which you balanced sheet were going wrong  for that-


  • Year
  1. From the option of dates you need to drop down and  select a option of choose all
  2. And is display column select the option which says year
  3. Now just simply press ok
  4. Now you just need to  compare all of you total assets with you liabilities in order to check if they are correct now or not.


  • Month
  1. In the fields of FROM and TO,  enter the details when you balanced sheet was wrong
  2. In the display column  select the month
  3. Now just simply press OK
  4. Now again you need to compare your total assets with your total liabilities in order to make sure that everything is correct now in your balanced sheet


  • Week
  1. In the files where it asks FROM and TO  enter the correct details when your balanced sheet is gone wrong
  2. In display column  select the correct month
  3. Now you just simply hit ok and continue
  4. Now again you need to compare is your total assets are equal to total liabilities or not


  • Day
  1. In the fields where it asks FROM and TO  enter the day it was found wrong in your balanced sheets
  2. In display column select the correct date
  3. Now just simply hit OK and continue
  4. Now you need to again compare that your total assets are equal to total liabilities or not


Step 2:-

Once finally  you find out the day it went wrong you need to  fix it by these steps mentioned in the image below :-

QuickBooks Balance Sheet mismatch issue

If you are not able to find the transaction that is out of  balance The other reports test you need to run is available on the following Links 1:- https://quickbookspayrollsupport.com/821-2/


Solution III: By Checking and resolving some specific form of data damage


If you find no errors in your transactions that are causing the mismatch in your balance sheet  then you may have some data damage that cannot be fixed with usual method of fixation . The option listed in the link below show some check ups for specific data Damage  and the steps may be complex and hard to follow

And before starting the process make sure that you have a backup copy of files in case f files getting lost.


Follow this link 2 in order to get your issue resolved :-  https://quickbookspayrollsupport.com/832-2/


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