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8 Free Tax Resources For Your Business

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Filing the taxes can be an expensive deal for most of the small business owners. In order to pay taxes, they have to pay a lot in process of bookkeeping and accounting almost the half of all business owners are paying over $5000 per annum as a legal fee and internal costs.


The worst part about it is that it is a time-consuming process and most of the small business spend a year round on it. Hiring an employee is one of the best examples something which can happen at any time of the year but not only in tax season.


Small business owners luckily still have more tax resources than before. No matter how you stack of tax tech look like, there are always the odds which can be a tool and resource that can surely make your load lighter by saving money as well as the precious time.

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1.Estimating Your Expenses


Making an estimate of your expenses that you make is one of the most important things for getting your quarterly tax payments submitted. The numbers while estimating should be most accurate it possibly can, but nobody wants to spend their important time finding the sum. For that, you can deduct the number of your business expenses in addition to the income in order to save the money come a season of tax.


There is a calculator by TurboTax that makes understanding easier on deduction on the basis of your spendings of services and goods like software, hardware, travel, advertising, insurance and most of the other expenses that you can possibly make.

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To know more about This Calculator visit:

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Self-Employed Expense Estimator

By- TurboTax


2. Are you pursuing all your Necessary Documents?


Do you have all tax documents that are right?

Not sure about it?

Maybe you should try this checklist in QuickBooks in order to make sure that you have all your bases totally covered. It is common to let your crucial form slips to accidentally slip through the cracks, especially due to change in tax codes.


You just need to input a bit of your simple data about the status of your tax, and it will automatically tell what those documents are that you need and have to prepare.

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3.Calculating Your Employees Payroll Tax


Calculation of paychecks could be a huck suck of time. Most of the small businesses spend a bunch of spreadsheet as well as tax withholdings in this process in order to make sure that they accurate on taxes and deduction.


By using Free Paycheck Calculator you can streamline a lot of this particular process, and can do all your heavy accounting of getting all taxation straight while you run payroll.

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Follow This Link For paycheck calculator: –Paycheck Calculator


4.Marking your calendar with all of the important dates


There is one specific date that every American think about that is the “TAX DAY”.But as a small business owner, there are many dates that should be kept in mind all the year round.


Using the free calendar service could always help you to keep track of your important dates .make sure that you use the calendar to pin your days important for tax. Due dates and deadlines are usually different for C-Corps and S-Corps. And for individuals.

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5.Calculate Sales Tax Deductions


For small businesses, sales tax are meant huge as well as labor intensive.


This is a tool by IRS, which is developed only to help the small business owners to deduct the amount of sales tax more accurately .in case you are a user of QuickBooks or Turbotab the tax calculation will be done Automatically by the tax calculator.

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6.Know the difference between 1099 and w2 Employee



Whats 1099?

Do you know about W2?


Knowing the correct way to do classification of an employee is a most important part for small businesses. And having a CPA to tell you the classification is not what you need. what you really need is free to use tool to help you.


By entering a little information about the type of work done by the team and terms they work on, you can classify easily and quickly the employee and the rest of the tax work to be done.

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7. Check For Updated Laws in your State


Tax codes are often changed and sometimes they even become headlines and you are aware of it in advance. even though smaller ones can always affect you-such as the elimination of tax form or online filing which can slip from your radar.even if you are the best one in your game it’s good to not rely on old ways.


Many large and small changes are made by the state on a regular basis which could be the tax code which can possibly affect your business.make sure that you use references like these to stay aware .

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8.Getting the Lingo Down


A new world of terms, jargon, forms, and courses are introduced by the tax code to business owners. It always a mess for our business owners so we together created the best guide to some of the common lingo and you must understand. whether doing own taxation or an accountant this guide will save you from hassle.

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