Ways To Fix Direct Deposit Issues



In case the employee asks to split deposits.( a check and two banks)


That is possible as you can ask employee the amount they want to go further to the first bank and acan set a reminder for going to second bank and also to a check.


  • In the navigation bar present at the left side click  employees.
  • Select employees name and click edit
  • In order to select new bank and employee payment method you need to click pencil icon below HOW DO YOU WANT TO PAY THIS EMPLOYEE?.
  • On the DIRECT DEPOSIT PAGE select the payment method.
  • Input the amount for first bank and set a reminder for transfer to second bank and check.
  • Simply hoit ok.


In case the employee wants to change the bank


  • From the navigation bar present on the left side you need to click on employees.
  • Now from there clock on the name of the employee and click  edit
  • In order to change payment method or the bank click on HOW DO YOU WANT TO PAY THIS EMPLOYEE ?
  • Simply change the details of the bank and hit ok.


In case the employee demands to use a saving or a market account,


In QuickBooks it is possible to use standard checking account, saving account and some of the money market accounts for the direct way of deposit.

It may ask to use a different account number for a  saving account to use direct deposit. The employee should reach their banks to ask for the account number to be used for ACH ( automated clearing house).


If employee replied for not receiving a direct deposit.


This could be happening due to wrong bank account information input in QuickBooks or the account employee is using is having the problem.check that your employee has given you the correct bank details . the amount transferred will be refunded within 2-3 hrs of working days.


In case the deposits transferred to employees are not received by the midnight of pay date and u are unable  to know whats wrong contact QuickBooks Support AT: 1800 470 6903


In case you need to cancel a direct deposit.


Once you have proceeded to offload the direct deposit for ACH processing , the intuit will no longer be reasonable for that and can do nothing about it. Voiding a direct deposit paychecks will not help you either the transferred account will surely reach the employees bank.,


In case you want the direct deposit amount back but the money transferred to has deposited in his account.


It is possible that sometimes you may need a reversal for your direct deposit paid as sometime you pay twice by mistake or overpay the amount. In that case we cannot help you .you must ask that employe to transfer those funds to you on his end. But you can void those transactions in quickbooks so that a negative entry is made to cancel that transfer out of taxation and other accounting  purposes.to do so contact QuickBooks Support AT: 1800-470-6903


In case you want to know about international fund transfer


Using international transactions for company payroll is not allowed on QuickBooks.


In case an error message is received while doing a direct deposit that amount is larger that the normal.


Sometimes you may prefer to to give an employee a bonus or want to transfer more than the security limit you may receive an error  as QuickBooks sets a limit based on your average payroll to take precautions against fraud.


To pay over the limit you shall change the payroll totals that are set below the limits.


In case error is encountered saying unable to make direct deposit to my account.


This error is encountered if banks routing number and account number do not match or entered incorrectly. In case right numbers are used still getting the problem contact your bank.

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