Errors and unexpected results encountered while exporting the accountant’s copy

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Getting rid of unexpected results and errors while importing accountant’s changes


Some unexpected results and errors are occured while importing the changes of accountants due to restrictions of accountants copy being removed or changed or maybe because of some data damages on company file. This article will help you to understand different error and how to fix those particular errors.

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Unable to import accountant’s changes


While trying to import changes of accountant


  • The error you encounter- “ QuickBooks cannot import the accountant’s changes”.
  • You are unable to import the changes made by accountant via web/file as it is grayed out.

This could be because


  • The changes are being imported to a wrong company file
  • Accountant and you may be using different versions of Quickbooks

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Solution 1 : By opening the right company file.


Before importing the changes confirm that you are importing the changes into a correct company file and if not open the correct company file.


Solution 2 : by saving files on computer


  • In case you are importing those accountants changes from USB drive you must copy those files on your computer
  • Copy of your company file is stored on server. Saved those file on computer and import those files online.


Solution 3: by using another transfer method


If you are not able to transfer via ACFT( accountants file transfer) try using a different method, use USB , CD, or mailing services.


Solution 4:  By using accountant’s copy in a file test.


This would help you to specify if there is any data damage in quickbooks installer or there are any issues with integrity.


  • If  results after using test files is successful , the program was working on you designs and you may need to enter changes manually.
  • If results are unsuccessful the re-install the quickbooks.


Solution 5: Contacting QuickBooks support.


You can contact us QuickBooks Support AT: 1800-470-6903


Quickbooks stopped responding while importing the accountant’s copy


This could occur as you were importing more than 1000 changes. But in case you are not follow the instructions mentioned below.


Solution:1 by saving files on computer.


  • In case you are importing those accountants changes from USB drive you must copy those files on your computer
  • Copy of your company file is stored on server. Saved those file on computer and import those files online.


Solution 3: testing the PDF converter in QuickBooks


QuickBooks creates some files while using the importing process.if the file converter is not being working properly you may encounter the error.


  • Save accountants changes as pdf
  1. Open file menu
  2. Select send company file
  3. Choose view/export changes for client.
  4. Save a copy of changes by selecting Save as PDF.
  • If its unable to save the files use troubleshoot from PDF tool.


Error encountered: you are attempting to import data from a different Accountant’s Copy than the one that was last created for this Company Data file


This could occur is the restrictions made by accountant are changed or the accountant or client is using different version of QuickBooks.


To fix:-

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  • Try to open the previous version of  QuickBooks in another directory to import those changes.use another directory to prevent overriding.
  • Restore the file made for backup which ad accountants restrictions.
  • Import the accountant’s changes.
  • Upgrade your company file.
  • Uninstall the previous version if you want.


While importing the accountant’s changes the backup fails


Important: backup by creating a copy of file before proceeding further.


Solution 1: Turning off the verification for backup.


  • Open create backup window
  • Choose local backup
  • Click on options
  • Click on no verification and hit ok

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  • Select the option- NEXT and wait until files are backed up.


Solution 2: Data damage fix


Use basic data damage troubleshoot.


Ito fix them remove accountant’s copy restrictions.recreate then and then apply them


In case the due dates on the transactions are removed or changed after importing.

Due dates and terms cannot be transferred back to client. Invoices use vendors/customers terms that are default when imported you may need to manually edit them


  • Open vendors/customers menu
  • Select vendor/customer center
  • Click on payment settings
  • Select the correct terms or you can add a new one.


Lost of loan manager data after the importing is done


These restrictions are made while a accountant’s copy is created in company file.this usually means the loans are not entered in loan manager and information is missing .in that case you have to re-enter the information again to proceed importing.


Reconciled transactions do not get imported along with accountants changes.


All changes except the reconciliation can be sent.


  • This could possibly be because there are more than 800 transactions in the reconciliation which is more than the limit and you have to make them smaller or the incorporated accountant’s changes wont show up.


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