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◀QuickBooks Unable To Launch Accountant’s Copy File ( *.qbx)▶



This particular arising in QuickBooks indicate that *.qbx  which is the Accountant’s Copy File Transfer service is unable to locate the main file of Accountants copy .


These are some common reasons which  are the root cause of this error and can possibly fix the error but is it is unable to open even after applying these methods you may contact QuickBooks 24×7 support by simply calling at : 1800-470-6903 (Toll Free)  :-


  1. One of the possible error that may be the cause of this error could be that the either the Accountant’s version or the client version of QuickBooks is not up-to-date to the latest release.


  1. Maybe the Internet explorer being used by QuickBooks is not compatible in synchronizing with QuickBooks.


  1. The company file that is being used by QuickBooks is the wrong one.This also includes the file which you may have restored  which is not configured properly or maybe the configurations have been removed completely.


  1. The changes applied by accountant may have expired while in between of transfer service.


  1. The Accountant’s Copy File Transfer service is unable to receive the changes  that have been sent by the accountant.


Q- Now the Question that arises between the users of QuickBooks that, how can this issue be resolved?

Here are the answers that you were seeking and you may follow the steps mentioned below :-



( By updating QuickBooks to latest release )



To resolve the issue you shall update your as well as accountant’s to the latest release to know how follow this link:-

How to update QuickBooks for Latest release | QuickBooks Pro, Premier , Enterprise



( By upgrading or downgrading the version of internet explorer according to QuickBooks supportability )


For this solution you need  to check that which version of internet explorer is supported by your QuickBooks and then you need to upgrade or downgrade according to that. For e.g = QuickBooks 2013 & 2014 versions supports internet explorer 10 .



( By opening correct Accountant’s copy file )


Make sure that the correct files are being used by QuickBooks or else the error will continue to affect your software, you can also try to import those files again on your QuickBooks by :-


  1. Open files dropdown menu in your QuickBooks.


  1. Select the option which says Accountant’s copy.


  1. After that select Import Accountant’s Changes From Web to proceed with import.



(  By receiving  the changes by accountant through transfer service )


To do so you shall contact your accountant  and ask him to send you the changes through transfer services and then re-import the files.


  1. Open File menu in your QuickBooks.


  1. Select Accountant’s copy from there.


  1. At last click on Import Accountant’s changes from web.



( By receiving changes by an alternative way if not received through transfer services )


In case you failed to receive changes through transfer services due to any possible error you may try an alternative way to receive the changes :-


  1. Open file menu on your QuickBooks
  2. Select accountancy copy .
  3. Then click on view/export changes for client.


Now save those changes to a location where you can easily track them and then send those saved files via email.


After the files are dispatched through accountant then client should open those files on QuickBooks by :-


  1. Open File menu on your QuickBooks.
  2. Select Accountant’s copy.
  3. Click on Import Accountant’s changes from file
  4. Select the files that you have received and you will be good to go.


In case you need further assistance regarding QuickBooks you may call QuickBooks 24×7 Support just call at : 1800-470-6903.

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